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ManyChat 6 Week Course [Beta]

ManyChat 6 Week Course [Beta]

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Chatbot Mastery for Ecom Stores, Service or Coaching Businesses Grow your email list on autopilot & make more money while you sleep! 

Master the power of ManyChat to grow your email list automatically and increase your profits even when you're not working.


  • A Complete System: Learn our entire system for making sales using conversational marketing. This isn't just about chatbots; it's about creating a sales machine that works 24/7 - even while you sleep.
  • Step-by-Step On Demand Tutorials: Designed for everyone, regardless of technical skill. If you've ever felt "tech-challenged," worry no more. Our instructions are clear, straightforward, and tailored to help you succeed.
  • Authentic Engagement: Navigate the fine line between automation and authenticity. Learn our strategies for keeping interactions genuine—no spam bots here!
  • Real-World Examples: See our methods in action. We provide examples of successful automation to show you the potential and inspire your strategies.
  • Intelligent Automations: Master the art of building automations that understand your potential customers' buying journey stages, ensuring every interaction is relevant and timely.
  • Customisable Chatbot Frameworks to jumpstart your ManyChat bot development.


  • How to run ads using ManyChat ($1000 value)
  • Strategic development of customer journey mapping and sales funnel strategy ($1000 value)
  • Live Weekly Coaching Sessions: Personalised support when you need it ($3000 value)
  • Access to an online group 24/7 with real-time feedback ($2000 value)
  • Personalised Chatbot Audit: Get expert feedback tailored to your business ($499 value)

Total Bonus value: $7499

We only take a small number of participants to ensure we can provide personalised support throughtout the 6 weeks.

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